Aesthetic Nurse Injector

Jamie Lynn has been a nurse since 2012. She has always been interested in the aesthetic industry, but she was officially exposed to it when she moved to Nashville in 2016 through working in sports entertainment and dance through the NFL. She saw how common it was among her friends and colleagues, and she loved that aesthetic medicine was a combination of art and science! She knew then she wanted to shift her focus to the aesthetic side of nursing. Jamie Lynn became a nurse because she truly wanted to make a difference in the patient experience in healthcare, and what better way to do that than by being a part of a process that can enhance a person’s self-confidence and outlook on everyday life? She hopes to help shine more of a positive light on cosmetic injections and aesthetic enhancement. Most people do things to enhance their hair, nails, etc... men and women shouldn’t feel ashamed for wanting to get a little extra help in caring for their body and face! Jamie Lynn places a lot of emphasis on the type of people she is surrounded by when working on a team, and she finds integrity very important when it comes to who she works for. She is so thankful that she has found a place where she feels right at home and is next to people with genuine hearts and a strong work ethic. She can’t wait to grow with the amazing team of Southern Aesthetics! 

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Medical College of Georgia

Worked at Saint Thomas West in Intensive Care for 4 years